Restored Hope provides sanctuary, advancement, and community to single mothers and their children in abusive environments, giving them a safe place to live, assist in finding the mothers work and transportation as well as giving them a reason to live out a new future.

Restored Hope residents come from addiction and/or abuse and often lose hope in accomplishing anything. The staff and volunteers endeavor to surround these families with love and care in order to help them believe that they can have hope.

Over many years Restored Hope has learned that each woman has five essential needs when she enters the Restored Hope community, which include housing, food, work, transportation, and community. Each mother is given her own apartment on the Restored Hope campus for a duration of one year with additional help in order for her to plan for future housing before she graduates. Additionally, Restored Hope aids the mothers with food, guidance in work opportunities, help find transportation, and point her to safe friends and healthy communities.

Our Mission

Give sanctuary for single mothers and their children who are in abusive environments, providing advancement to introduce them back into a healthy community.

Our Vision

To break the cycle of poverty for single mothers who are in abusive environments so their children do not repeat the cycle in their lives.


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In providing sanctuary, Restored Hope addresses the immediate needs of housing, safety and rest, as many of the mothers are trying to break free from an abusive environment.

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Restored Hope then encourages personal and professional advancement with a money management class, parenting and cooking courses, professional counseling, support to obtain a GED, enrollment in college courses, and to receive steady employment, all in effort to be self-sufficient.

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Throughout providing sanctuary and advancement, Restored Hope introduces the mothers back into a healthy community, which includes one-on-one mentorship, bible studies, and weekly church services.


First Town Homes

Founded in 1998 by John and Rose Collamer along side John and Judy Carlson, Restored Hope set out to provide assistance to homeless single mothers. With an overwhelming number of calls from homeless single mothers with nowhere else to turn in Omaha, God l led them to provide a transitional living program in order to help them build a solid foundation for their futures.

In 2001, founder John Collamer saw an opportunity to provide safe places for women who were homeless to live. John Collamer said it best “that is to give them love, and through that love, genuine worth and new life.” This was the beginning of Restored Hope.

In the fall of 2002, Restored Hope purchased a few small abandoned townhouses and by March 2003, the first of four were completed with the remaining three following shorty after and families moved in to begin the Restored Hope program.

During the spring of 2014 Restored Hope relocated to a 15 unit apartment building, able to house 12 families, childcare facilities, storage for donations and offices. Currently the facility has no vacancies and with the excitement of helping these 11 families, there is also a sadness as Restored Hope turns away 10 – 15 qualified single homeless mothers a month due to the lack of space and ultimately resources.

Now almost 15 years later there is a renewed focus on the vision of Restored Hope focusing on three key areas; Sanctuary, Advancement and Community.

Blog and Newsletter


The Monthly News – February 2016

The Monthly News   Click herefor print version. Our Children At Restored Hope we provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to single mothers and their children. Most of our children are pre-schoolers who are super curious and don’t miss much that happens. As we get to know them our vision for each one is the same: […]

January 2016 Newsletter

The Monthly News   Click herefor print version. New Library Our mission at Restored Hope is to provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to singles mothers and their children. One third of our mission is to provide advancement which means we point them toward their future. A new job, transportation, and dreaming about one year from […]

December Newsletter

The Monthly News   Click here for print version. Single Moms and Children At Restored Hope we provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to singles mothers and their children. Our focus is to give singles moms a safe place, help them find work and transportation, and a reason to live out a new future. Our residents […]

June Newsletter

Meet our Newest Residents! Restored Hope has the privilege of being able to provide a home to 12 women and their children. In April we welcomed Caina and her daughter Beja who moved in on April 20th. Caina called us in the fall of 2014 from the Lydia House where she was living. She was […]


We have been so pleased with the donations during June and into July. It has been fun to receive linens, furnishings, and furniture. Thanks to everyone who has donated. Our women are blessed by your generosity.  If you would like to donate items for our house or have extra paper products, give us a call!




Marty Barnhart (Director)

Nicole Millon (Case Manager)

Rachele Epp (Counselor)

LaRhonda Flowers (Resident Manager)

Board of Directors

Chair: Julie Cobb
Vice Chair: Rhonda Hawks
Secretary: Gaye Lynn Schaffart
Treasurer: Karen Snow