Founded in 1998 by Rev. John R. Collamer, Restored Hope is a Christ-centered ministry whose mission is the transformation of homeless and at-risk women into stable, productive, spiritually grounded individuals with a renewed sense of self worth and a positive outlook on their future. Through a program that provides both education and transitional housing for residents, Restored Hope helps women to achieve emotional and financial stability and to experience spiritual growth. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Restored Hope owned and operated nineteen residential apartment units located at 24th & Howard St. in Omaha, Nebraska until May 2014 when we purchased a new 15 unit apartment building at 1954 Jones Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Restored Hope was started with an ambitious vision,” says Rev. Collamer. “This ministry was built on a foundation of faith in God — a God of second chances. We saw an opportunity to take apartment units that had fallen into disrepair, and that had become a haven for prostitutes and drug users, and transform those apartments into clean, warm, safe places to live for women who were homeless or facing the prospect of homelessness. In that sense, the transformation of these living spaces became synonymous for what we set out to do for the women themselves. That is, to give them love, and through that love, genuine worth and new life.”

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