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Single Moms and Children

At Restored Hope we provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to singles mothers and their children. Our focus is to give singles moms a safe place, help them find work and transportation, and a reason to live out a new future.
Our residents come from a life of addiction and/or abuse and often lose hope in accomplishing anything. We endeavor to surround them with love and care in order to help them believe that they can have hope. It is our vision to break the cycle of poverty in single moms and not repeat that cycle in their children.
We have learned that each woman has five essential needs when she enters our house. These include housing, food, work, transportation, and community. Each woman has her own apartment while living with us and we endeavor to help her plan for future housing before she graduates. Additionally, we help her with food, guide her for work opportunities, help her find transportation, and point her to safe friends/community Our new logo and mission statement define our goals. Our goal is to help our woman live independently without government assistance.


Donations arrive at Restored Hope each week from a variety of companies, individuals, and non-profits. We may receive clothing, cleaning products, furniture, kitchen furnishings, linens, paper goods, personal care items, or even tools. We are always delighted to receive these items but we need help to sort and store each item.
Two of our volunteers are Jim and Bonnie. They have served at Restored Hope for 5 years by receiving, sorting, mending, and helping us set up each apartment. Their help is invaluable and they arrive at the house each week to go through our donations and determine how they will be used and where they will be stored.
This year we have received clothing from The Timeless Woman, personal care items and school supplies from Walmart, cleaning products from women’s groups, along with paper products and gifts from wonderful new friends.
In this season of giving all of our women and children have been selected to receive gifts for Christmas. Decorations have also been given for their apartments. If your group would like to be involved, let us know. We have projects at many levels like cleaning, rebuilding, repairs and window washing that could be done by groups of kids to seniors. We love volunteers, call today for more information.

Network for Good

Please join the Hope Club so that we know you will pray, give, and/or volunteer. Also, you can give electronically by going online to and search for Restored Hope under keywords and Nebraska for the state. After you find us you can give securely once or more frequently.
Our hope is that we can assemble a group of 100 businesses and 100 churches at $100 per month, 200 individuals at $30 per month to meet our 2016 budget. Would you consider that commitment please? Send the response form to Restored Hope, 14302 FNB Pkwy, Omaha NE 68154, attention Karen Snow.

Ashlee, New Resident

In November we graduated three of our women. DaVannis, Margie and Nicole completed our program and have moved to their own home or are finalizing their future.
Ashlee came from Siena Francis House with her daughter Ava on November 1st. Her story is one of unexpected hurt, addiction, homelessness, and recovery. She is seeking work and beginning her journey with us. Would you write a note to encourage Ashlee as she begins her year with us? Surprise Ava with a short note also!

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