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New Library

Our mission at Restored Hope is to provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to singles mothers and their children. One third of our mission is to provide advancement which means we point them toward their future. A new job, transportation, and dreaming about one year from now.

Recently a group from Journey Church in Gretna, Nebraska took a tour of our house. These ladies were full of questions as they toured and brimming with ideas when they finished. They recommended that we talk to a custom cabinet maker who attends their church for a new library. We contacted him and he built this beautiful library for over 1000 books!

About this same time a mentor was visiting our home. She had heard that we spend $10,000 per year on each woman to provide housing. Even though she couldn’t write a check for that amount, she wrote one that covered the entire cost of of our beautiful library. Journey Church will fill the shelves with books, catalogue them, and we will provide an app for our women to check out books. Our desire is for our women to be lifelong learners and to have the advancement they need to live out their future hopes and dreams.


We noted in our last news letter that donations arrive at Restored Hope each week from a variety of companies, individuals, and non-profits. We may receive clothing, cleaning products, furniture, kitchen furnishings, linens, paper goods, personal care items, or even tools. We are always delighted to receive these items and we love to see the treasures new and old that are given for our women.

Donations take care of our women in two ways, both present and future. Presently, our women benefit from receiving paper goods, cleaning products, personal care items, furniture and home furnishings.

As part of their future, we give them all of their furniture if they graduate from our 12 month program. This is a wonderful incentive for our women and helps them plan their future.

During the past month we received donations nearly every week from 20 individuals/groups, 2 non-profits, and 2 churches. We are honored to receive your calls and will usually take most items and provide pick up services twice each month on the 2nd and 4th Friday’s. Call if you have items to donate or would like to plan a benefit for us (402-345-7306).

Network for Good

Supporting our house each month is our goal for 2016. We hope that you will give by going online to NetworkForGood.org and search for Restored Hope under keywords and Nebraska for the state. After you find us you can give securely monthly.

Our hope is that we can assemble a group of 100 businesses and 100 churches at $100 per month, 200 individuals at $30 per month to meet our 2016 needs. Would you consider that commitment please? You can also mail your check to: Restored Hope, 14302 FNB Pkwy, Omaha NE 68154, attention Karen Snow.

Annie, Future Graduate

Annie entered our program in January 2015 and was reunited with Noah shortly after she entered our house. She progressed through our five C’s: Classroom, Counseling, Case Management, Community, and Church with great focus. Wow, it was a quick year!

We are looking forward to their future and to a formal graduation in April. Annie is a frequent speaker so please reach out to us and we can help you book her to your next event or meeting.

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