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The Monthly News

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Spring Graduation is Here

Twice a year we celebrate the graduation of three or more of our moms. Next week on April 14, is Spring Graduation, where we will be celebrating the graduation of Annie, Caina, and Sheri! We are so proud of each of them and their successes. As each one has grown in our program, they learned new life skills, embraced new friends, and have stepped farther out of abusive environments. Each have great jobs, a good car, and their children are doing well. Through this last year, they have appreciated the opportunity to find sanctuary, gain advancement and a healthy community.

At graduation Thursday night, each will share a little of their past and their time at Restored Hope, and let you dream with them about their future. We believe each is ready to face the new chapter ahead.

Quick History: Over the last ten years, our graduation rates have hovered around 30%. However, with a more secure facility, better intake requirements, more available on site staff, we anticipate a rise in the graduation rate to 60 – 80% this year!

Join us in celebrating the graduation of Annie, Caina and Sherri at Glad Tidings Church, on Thursday, April 14 at 6pm. Glad Tidings Church is located in Omaha at 7415 Hickory Street. Can’t wait to see you there!

Operation Flower Box a Success

Beauty can show its face in many different ways, this month it was in a small pot! Earlier this year, preparation for “Operation Flower Box’ began with the staff of Keep Omaha Beautiful, researching how to build flower boxes and planters out of recycle materials found here in Omaha. With the recycled materials gathered, on Saturday March 19, a team from Flatland Church, began the assembly process by drilling holes for pots, adding color to the planters and putting together all the additional items for the flower baskets.

And on Sunday afternoon, March 20, Keep Omaha Beautiful, along with Flatland Church, began to install the flower boxes and planters to our mom’s decks. Watching the two teams work together was encouraging, filling our homes with good natured banter, laughter and overall joy, which brought the beauty of Love and Hope to our ladies.

Later this spring, we begin planting a garden on our west lawn for our moms to enjoy fresh produce and to experience the joy of new life grow!

Thank you to each volunteer that came out that day! Our moms and staff were so honored with your generosity and the beauty you added to our decks.

Going Email over Post

It’s fun to receive mail, well the none bill kind! We all have experienced the delight of going to our mailbox to find an unexpected card or letter. The anticipation of opening, unfolding and reading it puts a smile on our faces.

However, for us at Restored Hope, the sender, comes a great cost. Each month we mail “The Monthly News” out to a few hundred people, unsure of readership or return. And with the cost of postal mail continuing to rise, we are spending thousands of dollars which could be better invested in our moms.

May we ask a simple favor? Would you consider receiving this newsletter by email, rather than postal mail?

If you receive “The Monthly News” by postal mail, we encourage you to switch to email by subscribing on our website at However, if you would like to continue to receive the newsletter by postal mail, please return the enclosed reply card, marking it with “CONTINUE”, and send back to us with the enclosed envelope. Thank you in advance for helping us utilize our budget to the fullest. If you already are receiving “The Monthly News” via email, we thank you too!

Sheri Graduates Thursday

In January of 2015, Sheri arrived at Restored Hope, coming out of the Siena Francis House Miracles Program. In early spring of 2015, the Restored Hope staff met with her family counsellors to discuss her positive progress, as well as the reunification with Sheri’s daughter. And in March of that year Sheri was reunited with her daughter Selena! The excitement was so great from both Sheri and Selena, and Selena was especially excited to be with her mom.

Initially, Sheri wasn’t sure if she would work while at Restored Hope, struggling early on in the program with health issues. But true to her character she pursued her GED through inCOMMON, excelling as a student, and gaining employment.

Fact: Sheri doesn’t like to rest and loves to have everything finished. She is bi-lingual, English and Spanish, and an excellent housekeeper. When she cleans, rooms are spotless!

For Sheri, this year was an opportunity to learn parenting skills, make new friends, maintain a great job, and own her own a car. And in June, Sheri and Selena will move to their own home, either an apartment or town home.

We love being around Sheri because of her positive outlook on life and how she always looks for the best in others, and it was fun to watch both grow. They will make an impact wherever they go, being good friends to their new neighbors. The Restored Hope staff will miss you both and thanks for impacting our lives!

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