The Monthly News – March 2016

The Monthly News

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Remodeling Has Begun

At Restored Hope we were honored to receive a $30,000 grant from Walmart late last year in order to remodel our existing laundry room into a Teaching Kitchen. The laundry room was a useful space but was for utility only and we needed a bigger classroom. The Walmart grant afforded us the opportunity to invest in our moms for an essential they all need: healthy eating.

The Teaching Kitchen will allow us to transition our women from using only their microwave to utilize their stovetop, oven, and a crock pot. Eating healthy is our goal as they learn how to plan, shop, store, cook and eat better.

The room is looking wonderful and we are excited to see it completed by the end of March. We will host an Open House, which will be held on Saturday, May 14th at 10 am. Hope to see you there!

The Face of a Volunteer

Volunteers are an essential part to accomplishing our mission, to providing Sanctuary, Advancement, and Community to single mothers and their children. The final third of our mission, providing community, is where volunteers are so important. We want our moms to know there are many who care for them even before they arrive. Our volunteers clean, paint, and set up each new home. These friends also stop by and clean our house during service days. This year our volunteers helped us build a library, catalogued books, provided an online app, and stocked the shelves. Other volunteers built flower boxes, in the spring they will add a garden, and so much more. All of this is just from 2016!

The face of a volunteer is found in anyone who will serve. We are honored to have groups of youth, teens, and adults do all of the tasks above and many more. Remember the youth group of 5th graders who washed air conditioners last summer? What about the Lincoln group who cleaned the house and then emptied a store room to make room for our new store? If your group would like to serve please call our office at 402.345.7306 and we will find a perfect spot for you or your team to help us!

Give with Smile

Sometimes folks are reluctant to commit to monthly giving. As you know we make it simple with $30 per month for an individual or family and $100 per month for a church or business. Perhaps you would like to give but don’t have the extra cash. We have a solution.

First, use Amazon Smile and pick Restored Hope as your charity of choice. When you shop through Amazon Smile it will look and feel just like the traditional site but Amazon will give us a small portion from each sale.
Another way is through your business. Your company may have a matching gift program. If so, you can let us know and we will register so that your gifts are matched by your employer.
We will also participate in Omaha Gives this summer. Watch for more information in the future. If there are other places we can give, please let us know and we will register and spread the word.

Margie, A New Chapter

In November of 2014, Margie entered our program with her son Jordan. She finished her first year and began the application process for a Habitat home. When she received preliminary approval, Margie asked to stay a few extra months. This month she was approved for her Habitat house and should move into her new home in 2017. She had the dream of her own home and now it is coming true. Jordan is a sophomore at Central High here in Omaha. He is an excellent student and has already begun to receive letters from interested colleges.

Here is Margie’s story:
“When I came to Restored Hope I didn’t think I would stay more than 6 months. I had been trouble in with the law and just wanted to rest for awhile and then move on.

But God had a different plan for Jordan and me. I was hired at 1st Team here in Omaha, Jordan was doing well in school, and I started to enjoy living here. We settled in and began to wonder if I could fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a home? After I applied to Habitat my dream began to look possible. The staff encouraged me, I continued to save 30% of my income, and then I paid off all of my debt. It was amazing to have the debt burden off my shoulders. Thanks to the staff and my friends at Restored Hope!”

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