The Monthly News – February 2016

The Monthly News

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Our Children

At Restored Hope we provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to single mothers and their children. Most of our children are pre-schoolers who are super curious and don’t miss much that happens. As we get to know them our vision for each one is the same: NO MORE HOMELESSNESS!

What if we could help our moms to live independent of government support and break the cycle of poverty for our children? Imagine, these kids growing up and not needing WIC, SNAP cards, or ADC. They would see their mom live independently and would never become homeless as they raise their own family.

When you think about Restored Hope, envision that one day these three boys, Ethan, Coraj, and Josiah with families of their own. If their mom can live independently, then they can too. We are wanting a different life for our kids!

Great Food

Bananas are one of the best foods we can eat each day. They can reduce blood pressure, keep our digestive tract healthy, and improve bone health. Recently we received a food delivery from Saving Grace Food Rescue ( and noticed multiple cases of bananas. Randy (pictured) said that he had 20 cases and we could help ourselves! We only took 1 case but our women were overjoyed with fresh fruit along with the other food we received.

Our women earn extra food by moving through our program each week. They are able to trade their Hope Cash for nutritious food. Since food is one of the essentials that our women need, earning it keeps them on the road to independence.

Social Media

Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are our way of keeping you up to date during each month. We give you glimpses of our women’s accomplishments like receiving a new job, a car, birthdays, holidays, and much more.

If you have never visited our Facebook site you can do so at and catch a glimpse. Please like us, share on your own page, and leave your comments. We are honored by many followers and hope to enhance our Instagram (restoredhopeoma) site and Twitter feed (restoredhopeomaha) in the next few weeks.

DaVannis, A New Chapter

DaVannis entered our program in December 2014 with her children Ser’Renitee, and Jaxson. She came through our first year and applied for one additional year to gain independence. She progressed through our five C’s: Classroom, Counseling, Case Management, Community, and Church with great focus. Her outstanding quality is service. DaVannis loves to help others and is putting this quality into action at Metro Community College where she attends classes and works.

Here is part of an interview with DaVannis.

“My feet were swollen, 9 months pregnant, didn’t have a coat, sleeping in my car, pretending contractions to get a nights stay in the hospital, lying to people, suspended transits on my car, and no insurance. I was homeless, hopeless and broken.”

“When entering Restored Hope, never would I have thought in history, I would be able to sit down to heal, get to know me and love me again. I gained confidence while at Restored Hope.”

While at Restored Hope DaVannis saved over $6,000 and purchased a used car with cash. DaVannis is currently in school for non-profit business management and technology, works part-time and is a career peer mentor.

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