FOUNDED in 1998 by two Omaha couples that sought to support homeless single mothers in the community, preparing them to live independently from government assistance programs. Since 2014, Restored Hope occupies a 15-unit apartment complex and provides housing for 11 families, childcare facilities, storage for donations, and offices. The transitional living program helps women build a solid foundation for their future.

TODAY, we provide sanctuary, advancement, and community to single mothers and their children in abusive environments. We provide them a safe place to live, assist them in finding work and transportation, and present them a reason to live out their new future.

Our residents come from addiction and/or abuse and often lose hope in accomplishing anything. The staff and our volunteers endeavor to surround these families with love and care, helping them believe they can have hope.

Over many years, we have learned that each mom has five essential needs when she enters the Restored Hope program: housing, food, work, transportation, and community. Each mom is given her own apartment at the Restored Hope campus for a duration of one year, with additional help to plan for future housing before she graduates. Additionally, we supply the moms with food, guide in work opportunities, help find transportation, and encourage safe friends and healthy communities.

OUR MISSION is to give sanctuary for single mothers and their children who are in abusive environments, providing advancement to introduce them back into a healthy community.

OUR VISION is to break the cycle of poverty for single mothers who are in abusive environments so their children do not repeat the cycle in their lives.

TO DATE IN 2017, Restored Hope provided shelter, food assistance, case management, counseling, classes, and community to 15 moms and 26 children.
Caring staff and volunteers led over 500 life skills classes, including Common Sense Parenting, nutrition, and boundaries.  Two residents were blessed with vehicles through a partnership with the non-profit organization, Chariots4Hope. Additionally two graduates moved into appropriate, affordable homes where they are well-prepared to support themselves, independently. We have had 380 volunteers put in 2,630 hours of service here at Restored Hope, through teaching classes, painting, cleaning, sorting donations, maintenance, and other much needed tasks.

Nicole Millon
Case Manager
+1 402 345 7306
Rachele Epp, LMHP
+1 402 345 7306
LaRhonda Flowers
Resident Manager
+1 402 345 7306
Stormy Dean
Rod Bauer
Vice Chair
Marty Barnhart
Board Member

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